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Career: About


Disciplines                                 Industry

Strategic Communications                         Consumer
Public (Media) Relations                             Investor Relations
Advertising                                                  Hospitality
Integrated Marketing                                 Technology
Branding                                                      Retail
Writing                                                         Health & Fitness
Social Media                                               Publishing
Measurement & Management                  Television
Research                                                      Entertainment
Culture Jamming                                        Packaged Goods
Crisis Communications                              Luxury
Editing                                                         Non-Profit

Career: Text


Kraft                                                     Altoids                                                

Publishers Clearing House                The Grammy Awards

Alpine Mobile Electronics                 RSA/USA (Ridley Scott’s Production Company)          

Avenue magazine                               Drinks Americas

Dr. Stuart Fischer                                The Queen Latifah (Talk) Show

Clear Channel (SFX)                           Tic Tacs 

Popular Mechanics                             Redbook

Cosmopolitan                                     Island Records

Project HOPE                                      Dixie Carter

Leo Castelli Art Gallery                      Peter Gatien & The Limelight

Icebreaker Mints                                 New York Health & Racquet Club

Career: Text
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